Microsoft Project 2013 Professional

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  • A new set of customizable report templates help you create colorful, professional reports without having to export data to another program.
  • New graphics and formatting capabilities replace the “walls of data” seen in previous versions.
  • Burndown reports give you at-a-glance access to your project’s planned work, completed work, and remaining work as lines on a graph.
  • Set task and project dates up to 12/31/2149—a whole century longer than previous versions.
  • Export Project reports, timelines, or data to other Office programs, and take advantage of the sharing feature that lets you join online meetings and share your Office files from any supported device.
  • If you have Lync 2010 or later installed, you can start an IM session, email, or phone call without leaving Project. Just hover over a name to get started.